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Support for Microsoft

Compfixo a premium online tech support company is focused on helping our customers avoid the hassle caused by viruses, Microsoft Office issues and lack of issue prevention software. Our mission is to alleviate the world's computer problems, educate people to fearlessly embrace technology and practice the art of human interaction. With our background in enterprise support, we have since transitioned into providing expert technical support to individual businesses and consumers directly. We provide unlimited annual tech support. Our support team has been helping customers for over 5 years to feel confident that their computer is in good hands.

  • Microsoft Support for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  • Support for Microsoft Office
  • Help Setup, Install, Configure and Upgrade any and every software
  • Remove Viruses, Malware, and Spyware.
  • Troubleshoot & Fix Problems, Errors, and Bugs in Microsoft Products

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Microsoft Products Supported

We provide support for a range of Microsoft products such as Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Silver light, Microsoft Expression Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio and many more....

MS Support Process and Channels

We provide remote technical support for troubleshooting and fixing errors or issues in any Microsoft product. Our Microsoft support engineers will diagnose and solve your problems remotely via internet, now you need not spend extra time and money for looking right support for your problems. We provide Microsoft support to our customers through various channels such as:

  • Online Microsoft support

  • Microsoft support via chat

  • Microsoft support via email

  • Microsoft support via phone

  • Microsoft support via web

  • Toll free Microsoft support


Compfixo provide online remote technical help for Microsoft products. Our Expert Certified Technicians can help you to:

  • End unruly computer activity

  • Make nonprinting printers print

  • Help you get on the internet

  • Contain virus outbreaks

  • Remove prying spyware

  • Install preventive virus and spyware security measures

  • Connect home or office wireless networks

  • Secure networks from intruders

  • Assess home or office computer security threats

  • Help protect and back up important data

  • Perform system checkups and maintenance

  • Bring your computer up-to-date

  • Setup, install, update and upgrade Microsoft products & applications including Windows, Outlook, Office Suite & business & developer's tools

  • Upgrade & update Microsoft Software and drivers to newer versions

  • Install, uninstall or reinstall device drivers for hardware and peripherals

  • Share and transfer files and folders from one version of Windows to other

  • Configure network & internet connection

  • Backup and restore Windows & Servers

  • Repair & recover corrupted or lost files in Windows & Servers

  • Synchronize Windows time, files, folders, and mails


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Microsoft services we provide

  • Microsoft 7 support
  • Microsoft Vista Support
  • Microsoft Xp Support
  • Microsoft Word Support
  • Microsoft Excel Support
  • Microsoft Office 2000 support
  • Microsoft Office 2003 support
  • Microsoft Office 2007 support
  • Microsoft Office 2010 support
  • Microsoft Outlook support
  • Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft support for just $79.99


To get the CompFixo support
Call 1-800-786-2106 (Toll Free)

Our Guarantee

With a customer base of over 1 million customers, we provide the highest Resolution Rate with a 95% Customer Satisfaction. CompFixo is one of the leading technical support providers across the globe. We guarantee first time resolution by our Expert Certified Technicians for all your email related issues.

Client Testimonials

Best experience ever with technical support! You guys excellent and fantastic We are so thankful for a company that would go the extra distance to make sure they have their customer completely happy and up and running again.Thank you so much!"you people are Best!

Arron Rebello